Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Available Dogs

Below is our current list of lost, surrendered and homeless Weimaraners in need of forever homes.

In the spirit of rescue, we also come across other dogs outside of our rescue in need of good homes. Although these dogs are not currently under our care, we are dedicated to helping as many dogs as possible, so we keep a Courtesy Listing area in an effort to help some other friends along the way. Be sure to take a look-see while you are here.


Name: Ashe Age 3 Yr Sex: M

[More on Ashe]

Name: Chloe Age 6 Yr Sex: F

[More on Chloe]

Name: Linus Age: 11 YR
Sex: M

[More on Linus]

Name: Mavrik Age 7 Yr Sex: M

[More on Mavrik]

Name: Romeo Age 5 Yr Sex: M

[More on Romeo]

Name: Roscoe Age 6 Yr Sex: M

[More on Roscoe]

Name: Stella Age 5 Yr Sex: F

[More on Stella]