Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Bailey Age: N/A Sex: M

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When Mr. Bailey came to us in July, 2013, we were told that he was at risk of sudden death, due to a heart condition. Our goal was to make his final days as happy and comfortable as we possibly could.
Through luck, love and some wonderful veterinary care, he thrived until he finally succumbed on August 27, 2016. While it is a terrible loss for us, our prayers were answered in that his final passing was quick and free from pain.
His last day was spent doing his favorite things — going for a morning walk, patrolling the back yard, going for a ride in the van and getting some treats. He then just simply collapsed, and died on the way to the vet.
We are left only with memories, but they are all wonderful ones. He was always happy, obedient, loving and oh, so very grateful to be with us. He was a true joy.
I think, hope and pray that our greatest wish was fulfilled — that he died knowing that he was loved. I look forward to being with him again.


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