Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Basil Age: n/a Sex: M

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Our Sweet, Very special Boy Basil, or as we called him “Mr. Handsome” was called home Monday and we pray is running around with a big old smile on his face. Free of Degenerative Myelopathy symptoms that took away his freedom to do all the things he loved most.
Terry and I feel so extremely blessed to have had Basil in our lives for 3+ years. We thought we were rescuing him and giving him a better life. But truly it was HE who rescued us. We raised 3 wonderful Children, who each found their life partners and were getting married.
In walked Basil to fill that sense of need once more. He filled our hearts, simply said…. We fell in love with this very handsome soft-coated silver fox. The bond was fast. Quickly he was our shadow. Loved long walks, basking in the sun and evenings on the porch just looking out towards the woods. He was always spotting the deer in the yard, barking to send them on their way. Squirrels were so much fun for him to chase up the trees. Following Terry to the shed for a needed tool or to the end of the long driveway for the newspaper.
Basil loved people. He was a wonderful friend to all, loved getting and giving hugs and kisses. Rarely was he without his bow tie around his neck And HE Knew he was HANDSOME!
We truly will never get over the loss of our Basil, our wonderful companion.

May you rest in peace, our Sweet Mr. Handsome.

Love you and forever will miss you,
Your Mom and Dad Maloney and family.


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