Sunday, February 24th, 2019


Name: Bedford Age: 16 Yrs Sex: M

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Lanet and I continually smile about Atlanta Weimaraner Rescue and the work you both (and Cheryl) do. We are lovers of a very special breed…as well as our dogs.
Thank you for considering Bedford in the Memorial Wall.

Lanet rescued Bedford…from a Pet Store! He was six months old when given to me as a Father’s Day present. For his 15 years and 6 months he remained my best friend and companion. Bedford was not unlike your Weimaraner:a mischievous and incorrigible counter surfer, he also loved the water. He was a special fellow….
There were three Weimaraners on board when we left the dock. Soon I counted only two. The chase with Bedford and The Dolphin lasted about 45 minutes as Lanet steered the boat and I tried to grasp his collar with a dock hook. Neither Bedford or The Dolphins wanted the game to end. The lesson here is for all to remember life-jackets!
When at Cedar Key, Bedford turned into a conversationalist! He proudly displays a Bud Light Can…soft mouth of a retriever. He would not give it up.

We all have wonderful tales of these marvelous animals. I smile deeply when I see one and “Weim Day at Baerland(!!)” was matched by holding the long-hair
puppy on Saturday…and trying to corral the “herd of 4″ and smiling as “Meg”…with three legs…helped with the fantastic chaos. It really takes a special personality to love a Weimaraner…to understand their many moods, actions, and, truly independent nature.
Bedford still visits me late at night sometimes. Sure, Ms. Carolina and Niklas are very special in their own way. Still, I miss “Moose”…which was our secret name he knew when I really needed him.

Run Free, Bedford, We love you,
Ed and Lanet Forrest


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