Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Beemer Age: N/A Sex: M

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Beemer (formerly known as “Rufus”) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 3, 2013. We had been honored with his presence in our lives since April 12, 2006, when we adopted him. Debbie Rodgers had been fostering him for a couple of months nursing him back to health after he was found starving in a ditch in Dahlonega. Beem was our first Weimaraner–but you know what they say, “bet you can’t have just one.” I have been fortunate to be the human to several Weims over the years, but you never forget your first. Beem was one of the sweetest, smartest, most lovable dogs I have ever had. He loved me and Ron more than we could ever have hoped for. He was always well-mannered, never tore up anything, and never met a stranger. He developed a tumor in his lungs which was discovered in April 2013. The tumor progressed slower than anticipated, so we got to be with him five months after the diagnosis. I know Beem is with Ron and our Dobermans, Sugar & Nick, and our Greyhounds, Dottie & Coco, and they’ll be waiting for me someday. I miss Beemer so much, he was such a great friend and companion. RIP sweet boy, I love you!


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