Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Buster Age: NA Sex: M

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Sam and I were lonely, with the kids grown and gone. We had lost our previous Weim 2 yrs before after 12 years of joy! We decided we needed another Weimaraner. We knew what to expect and the love and loyalty they offered.
We looked to the Atlanta Weimaraner Rescue to help us! After an application completed and a home interview, we got a call to come to meet Buster. We took him for a walk and fell in love with him. We took him home that day, having shopped for “stuff” for him! He had simple needs and we discovered his likes and dislikes. He didn’t like to play. He quickly learned the path of our walks and would turn himself around when he was done walking! He loved ice water and knew the
pantry door held his treats. He didn’t like the hardwood floors and managed to find the small rugs scattered in the kitchen as islands of comfort. Each night, he would sleep on the bench at the end alternating through the night with his fluffy bed in our room. He didn’t like the stairs to the bedrooms but powered through them to be near us. It was a short 21 months we had him with failing health in the last 6 months. He passed on December 18th with us surrounding him. That night as I walked up the stairs to bed, I was suddenly overcome with the smell of Buster as he said was passing through and saying goodbye to us!
Sad as we are, time has a way to heal our lost. Thank you for being a great companion!
Pam and Sam Torke


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