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Name: Colt Age:N/A Sex: M

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In rescue, we bond with each and every Weim-soul that enters our lives. When we rescue chronically ill and senior Weims, we consider it a privilege to be able to share our hearts and homes with them. We look forward to their wagging tails, their excited romps and sparkling eyes to let us know that they are happy and continue to enjoy their new life. There are times, however, we encounter those Weim-souls who’s sparkle is dimming and we look at each moment as a gift. Such was the case with Colt.
Colt came to us from Clayton County shelter…he was a stray that was not claimed by his owner…he was clearly someone’s pet…he had beautiful Weim features, docked tail, beautiful coat, no sores or injuries…he was heartworm and parasite negative…but he was a walking skeleton…literally… thanks to Volunteer, Lisa Curtain, we were able to bring him to our vet and begin nursing him to health and getting some fat on those bones! But his was not an easy journey…after a day at the vet, he began coughing and was treated for kennel cough…he was eating up to 6 cups a day…but soon he developed intestinal complications – perhaps due to the strong antibiotics or general digestion issues…eventually the intestinal issues resolved, and he resumed eating but at this point he was actually losing weight! The staff at Dearborn Animal Hospital in Decatur looked after him with care and compassion…even when he was in isolation, staff members would “suit-up” during their breaks and sit on his dog bed with him while he laid his head on their lap. He was excited to go outside, and even though he was all bone, he was strong enough to pull them outside so he could sniff around! He wasn’t giving up and either were we!
When he kicked the KC, he gained a little weight and we began more testing to determine what was causing him to lose weight and not absorb the nutrition in the food…lab tests and X-rays showed fluid build up in his abdomen… which was the real reason for his weight gain… we sampled, tested and drained… and tested more…Dr.Ellington at Dearborn let us know that all signs and symptoms pointed to end stage heart disease/advanced CHF…as a veterinarian that cares for rescues from many groups, she usually sees this with advanced heartworm disease…but this was not the case with Colt. As we talked about our options, we both teared-up as we came to realize that our journey with Colt would probably be short. She said that he would let us know when he was ready to go…
David and Leann Martin, are the true angels in this story…they welcomed and cared for Colt in his final days. Little did we know last week when Leann picked him up, that his time would be so short.
Today started like most of the last several, but Colt was clearly anxious…he was pacing, had vomited and wasn’t interested in eating anything… David Martin put his day on hold and brought him to Animal Medical Center in Peachtree City, where they bring their own pups…after talking with the vet, we came to realize that he was telling us that he was ready. Not wanting to put him through more discomfort that would not change his course, we made the difficult decision to let him go. David was with him and helped him pass… Colt knew love in his final moments.
Thank you to our incredible team of volunteers: Lisa Curtain for rescuing him from the shelter and bringing him to safety and David and Leann Martin for ensuring his remaining time was spent in a loving and peaceful environment and setting an example for Dale, your son, and all of us.
RIP Colt


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