Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Courtesy Listings

Courtesy Listing dogs are looking for homes too and in the spirit of rescue, AWCR is dedicated to helping as many dogs as possible. AWCR is committed to our rescue dogs, but hope to help some other friends along the way by posting these dogs as a courtesy. Courtesy Listing dogs are not affiliated with AWCR and are not being adopted through AWCR. They are listed here as a courtesy to the caring people who own them and are trying to find good homes. To find out more about any of the dogs listed here, please contact the owner listed in their profile.

Disclaimer: AWCR does not have any direct information, knowledge or affiliation with these organizations or individuals. These dogs have not been evaluated by AWCR.

Name: Gracie Age 5 Yr Sex: F

[More on Gracie]

Name: Gunner Age 3 Yr Sex: M

[More on Gunner]

Name: Homer Age 6 Yr Sex: M

[More on Homer]

Name: Patrick Age 3-4 Sex: M

[More on Patrick]

Name: Sophie Age 8 Yr Sex: F

[More on Sophie]

Name: Summer Age 2 Yr Sex: F

[More on Summer]