Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Ellie Age:N/A Sex: F

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Pets are not just pets they are our children. They depend on us for food, comfort, shelter and
companionship. We humans depend on them for much more than we would have thought. We depend on them for companionship, entertainment, loyalty, acceptance and the most important is Love from our “4 legged children”. Their love is so deep it doesn’t seem like it can be measured. You see it in their smile, you see in it in their presence, you see it in their devotion and of course you see it in their tails as they wiggle it uncontrollably. They do this because of how happy they are to see you when you come home, or when you call their name, or just to give them hugs and kisses for no reason at all.

All of the above is all too common for most 4-legged children but Ellie Girl’s love was definitely exemplified for us. We brought her home just 8 weeks after she was born. Ellie’s birthday was October 31, 2008 and she was our wonderful Christmas present. She was so tiny and was super adorable when we introduced her to the BIG boys and girls at the Atlanta’s Weimaraner Rescue group. Ellie was the youngest but that didn’t stop her from playing rough and tough with the others. She quickly became family, she was our child, she was the light of our day when it was a rough one. To come home to her wiggly back end, and her smiling eyes just made any good day that much better. And when we had a bad day, it certainly didn’t end that way because she was there to cheer us up. She went everywhere with us. Even when she couldn’t go in to a store, she didn’t care she would wait for us to come back, as long as she got to go for a ride and was able to be with us. Her favorite store was Lowe’s; she would lead us to the paint department where she would put her paws on the counter and wait patiently until they would give her a treat; of course she would have to work for the treat. She had a bag full of tricks that she loved to show you. She would try to predict which trick you wanted her to do and do them before you called out the trick. She was an avid hiker, lover, and a cuddler. She was content to cuddle on the couch or when we couldn’t go for hikes, she would be satisfied just walking around the neighborhood sniffing to find out what dog was around before her. She was our protector, she would bark at anyone to make sure her presence was known. But once you were a friend, you were always a friend. There was not a single person that got to know her, who didn’t love her back. Ellie’s favorite toys was her ball which she would love to chase in an open field where she could run and stretch her legs. Her other favorite toy was her “baby”. She would “nook” on her baby to fall asleep to. There are so many memories of the wonderful times we spent in the last 8 years with our baby that walking, it’s hard to look around and not be reminded of her somehow. . I know in time our wounds will heal but for now, we mourn and grieve for the loss of our precious baby Ellie Girl. Rest in peace my sweet angel. Enjoy the biggest hike in the sky and wait for us so we can take that journey with you. By the time we get there, you will know the way and be able to show us the best places to go on the hike. Until we meet again, our hearts
will always be missing a piece. Thank you for everything you have done for us, we love and miss you.
Mom and Dad


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