Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Enzo Age: 9 YR Sex: M

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Sadly, we had to let Enzo go over the Rainbow Bridge on October 6, 2010. Enzo was a sweet gentle giant. From the moment he headed home with his 3 new Weimar buddies, he had a wagging stub. He pooped, pee’d and chased squirrels in his new yard, slept on the dog beds by the fireplace and at night retired to the king size bed with a down comforter on top and a Weimer brother beside him. He quickly adapted to his new environment. He ate well the first and second day because that was his favorite pass time. Smelling each room and each bush in the yard, he liked his new family. Alas, his legs were already failing him, for what we know know was the final chapter for Enzo.

After further examination, Enzo had an enlarged spleen which was 3 times the size of his heart. This much have really been massive and dense considering he had a huge heart of gold. Further and conpliacting his condition, he also had a tumor on his cervical spine which made it hard for him to lift his neck. He could make great eye contact with us when we laid on the floor below him. He struggled to stand and walk but always had a wag.

All God’s creatures should have a last supper, and so would Enzo. He had a wonderful large bowl of home made beef stew, sausage patties, Chic-Filet chicken tenders and a Nestle Chocolate crunch bar for dessert. He lapped up the beef stew like a puppy. He gently took the sausage and chicken from my finger tips, and really enjoyed his chocolate. As much as he loved to eat, this was his first step into Heaven. With a full belly he had an hour full body gentle massage while being softly talked too & repeatedly hearing his name.

He was held in my lap while scratched & loved for his final moments. While the vet warned of loss of bowel or bladder function, he never did even in death as he was too regal and proud for that. He passed onto Heaven with a very full belly and tightly held in a loving embrace. Poof the pain was gone. He is now without pain with a family who loves him and will keep safe and wagging forever.


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