Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Goose Age: 5 Yr Sex: M

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We are crushed, saddened and shocked at the sudden passing of our beloved Weim Goose. From playing outside with Savannah this morning to being gone. Just 5 yrs young, we were optimistic about his leg issues and he’d been acting just like normal. Sadly today out of the blue he crashed- after many emergency vet visits – stomach cancer had other plans and his body just couldn’t fight it. Goosey McMoosey was my favorite buddy. Always with me on the couch on runs or just in between my legs for no good reason when I was cooking. I loved this silly crazy eyed dog more than I could ever say. We are all taking it very hard. We never went outside without Goosey. He was the most loyal, goofy, patient boy. My only happiness is he went swiftly and Kevin and I were there with him through his last moments loving on him. Please pray for us as we go through this loss. Forgive all the pics but I want them in the Social books I print for the kids so they remember all the great memories with him. Thanks so much to Calhoun Pet Care, Dr Hogan and Jeri LVT and Marlynn Michelle Whittenburg for all you did for us.
You feel at home there even in deep crisis. Bye Bye

Goosey, I’ll pick you up with Boss & Marley on the rainbow bridge one day. Until then chase a million tennis balls and don’t let Marley pick on you too much.
We didn’t get enough time with him. We tried everything to save him and in the end his body gave up. I’ve told my kids to remember the amazing times he gave us. That’s what we must remember.

Thanks for giving us this time.
Jeri LVT Calhoun Pet Care Calhoun, Ga. knows your rescue well and was a blessing getting him stable to rush him to Chattanooga.
Always in our hearts, Jennifer Palmer and family


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