Sunday, February 24th, 2019


Name: Hershey Age: 16 Mo Sex: M

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Hershey is a beautiful, sweet, 16 month old, neutered, male Weimador that needs a new home because we are unable to give him the time he needs. As with all Weimadors, Hershey is energetic and needs daily exercise to stay out of mischief, e.g. digging in the yard and chewing on socks left lying around. Hershey loves to retrieve sticks and Frisbees from the neighborhood pond as well as play catch with a tennis ball in the yard. He is also very well-mannered on a leash on walks. Hershey is up-to-date on his shots, on monthly heartworm and flea meds and is housebroken. Hershey loves playing with other dogs but has not had exposure to cats. He is great with children. Hershey rides well around town in the car but has not had experience traveling distances requiring more than two hours in the car. Hershey loves his crate, and he is also fine left in the house alone. Hershey is eager to please and would make an excellent running companion. We want a home for Hershey that can spend the time with him that he needs. Ideally, Hershey would love to live where he has room to run and a four-legged friend to play with.

I can be reached at 205-792-6244 or by e-mail at

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  1. Linda Tarana Wesley says:

    Hi, my name is Tarana Wesley.
    I saw Hershey was looking for a new home and was hoping my old weimador Onyx and I could give him just what he needs. We just lost our beloved the’o who was 12 years old to cardiomyopathy and our house feel empty without him. We live on a 45 acre mt farm. With 20 acres fenced a nice creek and lots of running around space. I just called and left a message. Looking forward to hearing from you. The above email did not work…
    You would be welcome to come up for a visit with Hersh to see if it appeals. I live in Leicester NC which is near Asheville NC. Or I could drive down to you.

    Warm regards
    Tarana and Onyx


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