Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Hoover Age: Unkown Sex: M

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For Hoover

My life has two episodes; they couldn’t be more different from each other.
One in a puppymill; the other with a family and weim brother.
The cement floor, unclean, hard and cold, was my only bed.
In my wildest dreams I never imagined there was such a thing as a pillow for my head.
There’s a reason I’m so afraid of lightning and thunderstorms:
It’s because of the endless days in a cage all forlorn.
Then one day there was a rescue by AWCR
Who whisked me off to Atlanta in a thing called a car.
Through them I met a family with three kids and their pet.
At first it was hard to trust them after all the hardships I had met.
Then I grew to love these humans called Peaches
And traveled on vacation from the Georgia mountains to the Florida beaches.
They got to know me and I got to know them.
All our needs and our wants, our traits and sentiments.
They learnt I could clear a room with my farts in an instant
And I learnt they’d reappear armed with deodorizers, candles and incense.
During the day I kept those darn squirrels at bay.
Except of course it didn’t happen on a rainy day!
I loved to walk; woods, parks and around our sub-division.
I was always obedient and only ran off with my human’s permission.
I was my mom’s shadow because of my own insecurity
But also I protected her, my family and their property.
It’s snack time. “Gimme! Gimme!” my 3 tasty milkbones.

Your loving and devoted family, The Peaches


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