Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Izzy Age: N/A Sex: F

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Izzy’s Memorial

It’s through buckets of tears and an extremely heavy heart that I share this news, our super sweet Izzy has passed away. As a huge part of our family is gone and our household is once again forever changed. Oh… how we miss her so.
Terry and I took Isabel in April of 2016 as a permanent senior Foster. At that time, we just had Basil (who was our very first adopted Weimaraner) and thought it would be nice for him to have a buddy. Lynn Joseph brought Izzy by for a trial visit to see if the dogs would get along. Well it didn’t take long for us to let it be known we were keeping her. We fell and we Fell Hard! Loved her from day one! Izzy was the sweeties, well-mannered girl.
Izzy and Basil became very close, like an old married couple. As some may remember we lost our Handsome Boy Basil to DM that August. We felt so blessed that we had our Sweet Izzy already. We grieved together, the huge loss. And once again, so truly Blessed to have Lexi our 3-year-old we adopted last October. Now as you can imagine we are just starting the grieving process as our hearts break and our tears flow. Still so fresh and the loss will once again be felt forever. Izzy had so quickly become a member of our family. Her personality was adorable. She loved my husband Terry…. And he loved her. In December, He adopted Izzy. She was now truly family, ours.
Every night Miss Izzy would quickly make her way to the door waiting for Terry to walk in from work. She was always right there to greet him and lean her head into to him, as to hug him. Izzy was like that with most people, extremely friendly and super loving. She was like a Grandma to our Lexi. Many times, she would make sure see left just enough space for Lexi to squeeze onto her bed with her. When our house was full of family and friends, you would always find the children over by her and hugging her. And there she’d sit, with a big old smile on her face from ear to ear! She loved children! As I said, she was Family!
Oh, how we miss you so, our sweet Isabel. We know in our hearts you are up in Heaven and found our Handsome Boy Basil. Can just picture you two meeting up once again and being together. You will forever remain in our hearts. Miss, you our sweet girl!

 Love, you forever, your Mom and Dad Maloney.


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