Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Jayce Age: 3 Yrs Sex: M

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Are you looking for a large lap Weim? Jayce may be the boy for you!!! Jayce is a beautiful, three year old 85 lb., male Weim that needs a new home because his owners were unable to give him the time he needs. Jayce is housebroken, gets along well with other big dogs, but cannot be in a home with cats or small dogs (no exceptions). He is fine with children (he has a 5 yr old foster hooman in his current foster home). Jayce’s family rarely took him for car rides, so he gets a little anxious in the car but after a few times in the car since he’s been in rescue, he has begun to relax and enjoy car rides. Jayce has a lot of natural hunting instincts and would be great for someone who hunts. Jayce walks okay on a leash and knows some basic commands – sit, shake, wait (sort of), off (sorta of), and he knows how to use a doggie door. Jayce would do well with another dog in the home as he is very sociable (he lives with a 1 yr old male Weim foster brother), but his foster mom thinks he would be fine as an only dog too. Ideally his new mom/dad will work from home sometimes or is home a lot and can spend the time with him that he needs. Jayce would make a great running or hiking companion.

Update from Jayce’s foster mom: Jayce loves to be outside in the yard and if it weren’t so cold, he be outside all the time…it’s that hunting instinct! Jayce is a big snuggle bug and can’t get close enough! He sure is a typical Weim in that regard!!!! When we leave Jayce, he barks a few times and then settles down.

Update 2: Jayce is such a good dog. He is great left free roaming and hasn’t torn up anything in the house or had any accidents. He loves to sleep in our bed at night but we have been making him get in his bed and he goes right to sleep, then at some point he sneaks back up in our bed….imagine a Weim doing such a thing!!!! lol He loves having other large dogs to romp and play with. We have been taking him to our neighbors who have a young dog too. He loves to be in the fenced back yard and will just hunt for hours. He doesn’t even scratch the door to come in so we think he would actually be good as an only dog too.

Debbie Rodgers

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