Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Kaiser Age: 9 Yr Sex: M

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It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you of the death of my sweet, wonderful dog,
Kaiser. Just as I was starting my final chemo treatment in August, I noticed that
Kaiser was favoring his left arm. As soon as I was able, I took him to the vet and the verdict was the same as with Wolfgang, Stephen, and Ludwig before him, bone cancer. After the disastrous
results involving Ludwig, I had determined not to try to fight this type of cancer again, and in Kaiser’s case the location of the cancer, deep inside his shoulder, made it impracticable. For the past three
months I have done my best to make Kaiser’s remaining days good ones. Despite the large tumor protruding from his shoulder, he was mostly pain free due to the numerous pain pills and medications I gave him each day. To make this easier for him to put up with, these
medications were delivered in a canned dog food as well as a mass of chicken, turkey, hot dogs, and assorted meat drippings, provided by the church kitchen. This diet, long unleashed walks down the street, and the fact that he did not know what was wrong probably made the last weeks the happiest of his life.

By last week he was in some discomfort and limping badly, but his sweet nature was unchanged. The largest of my Rottweilers, the combination of his gentle personality and love for any human
he came into contact with placed him on the same level with Ludwig and Winston in that regard.

Last Saturday was as usual ending with his nightly wrestling match with his buddy Ollie, and a final
meal of turkey and chicken gravy. At 2 AM Sunday he awoke me in great distress. I will omit the details but just say that something had obviously happened internally in those last two hours and it was clear that he had made the decision for me as to then it was time to bring his life to a close. There was no possibility of waiting until morning so I took him to the ER and as I always have in past times like this, I held him in my arms while the vet brought his life to a peaceful end.
In the past I have watched my dogs slowly decline and made my best judgment as to when it was time.  I have brooded over these decisions and later wondered if I might have picked a day too soon or too late, but in this case Kaiser made the decision for me. That is greatly appreciated. The suddenness of Kaiser’s demise caught me by surprise and emotionally unprepared, hence the delay in sending this out as I have not been able to bring myself to write this until today.

Kaiser came to me in May of 2012 at the age of 6. I had agreed to foster him to avoid having
him taken to the pound. His gentle demeanor and amazing ability to get along with any dog made me think that he might be a candidate to stay with me although I really did not have the room. A month later Ludwig was diagnosed with cancer and that settled that. Kaiser was Ludwig’s
friend and calm companion for his final months and provided the same fellowship for me then and in the two years since. Kaiser has been a calm, gentle, and loving companion for these too short two and one half years we have enjoyed together and I am certain that he also enjoyed those years which is some consolation.

The picture is our official family portrait from the church directory. Kaiser, as was always the case, was overjoyed to be in the presence of people. Otto was less that thrilled with having to share the attention. He is used to having the people at church and their treat offerings to himself. You can see what a magnificent example of his breed that Kaiser was and his personality put the lie to all of the bad things you hear about Rottweilers.



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