Sunday, February 24th, 2019


Name: Lilly Age: 14 Yr Sex: F

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Yesterday I said goodbye to my good girl, Lilly. For nine years she had a good life but lost her home when she objected to sharing her human with his new girlfriend. For over a year she lived in a kind but not really suitable foster home before joining me following the death of Otto in the fall of 2015.

Being my first girl, she took some getting used to, but she fit in well here. She got along fine with the boys despite making it clear that she considered herself the superior dog in the pack. As long as she was fed first, and got to sleep with me at night everything was fine.

Last week her eating slowed down some and then suddenly stopped this past Wednesday. An exam showed a large blockage in her intestines, most likely cancer. Given her weak condition and 14 plus years, there was no possibility of surgery. Since she was already in distress there was no point in putting off what had to be done. As always, I held her in my arms taking comfort in knowing that my voice was the last thing she heard before drifting off to sleep.

Lilly had a good life for the most part and although I know that she would have preferred to be the only dog, I like to think that her best years were with me. As is usually the case, my only regret is that she did not spend her entire life with me.

Lilly’s dad, Stan Malone…


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