Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Milo Age: Unkown Sex: M

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Not getting any better on antibiotics and still waiting on lab results, we decided to take Milo to the vet (again). Hoping for the safe-my-life-shot or the don’t-let-him-die-today pill, Sterling and I loaded him up. More like Sterling loaded him in my arms since Milo could no longer walk or even stand up. Wrapped in a blanket, in my arms, Sterling drove while I comforted Sch-Milo on the way to our 10:30 appt. Restless and moaning, I held him and scratched his ears and neck. His breathing became lighter and less, and 2 minutes from the vet’s, he took his last breath. I could feel the struggling stop and peace came over his body while grief and sorrow filled mine. He was a once in a lifetime dog that knew how to heal humans with his affection and wag. He loved human-puppies (kids) more than any dog I’ve ever seen. While his rescue description said nothing about tennis balls or swimming, those two things were his favorite. That’s why his last night I found him in the pool (at 15 degrees) as he was hoping for one more swim since swimming made him happy. Now he is in doggy heaven, with no lumps and no cancer. We love you Sch-Milo and you will forever be in our hearts. Sch-milo is survived by his loving brothers and sister Grayson And Booker Loyale Royal Weimaraner, Sophie (aka The Bitch) and Zeus-ter; his Human family mourns for us but is thankful we had Sch-Milo in our lives.


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