Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Rainbow Bridge

Name: Buster Age: NA Sex: M

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Sam and I were lonely, with the kids grown and gone. We had lost our previous Weim 2 yrs before after 12 years of joy! We decided we needed another Weimaraner. We knew what to expect and the love and loyalty they offered.
We looked to the Atlanta Weimaraner Rescue to help us! After an application completed and a home interview, we got a call to come to meet Buster. We took him for a walk and fell in love with him. We took him home that day, having shopped for “stuff” for him! He had simple needs and we discovered his likes and dislikes. He didn’t like to play. He quickly learned the path of our walks and would turn himself around when he was done walking! He loved ice water and knew the
pantry door held his treats. He didn’t like the hardwood floors and managed to find the small rugs scattered in the kitchen as islands of comfort. Each night, he would sleep on the bench at the end alternating through the night with his fluffy bed in our room. He didn’t like the stairs to the bedrooms but powered through them to be near us. It was a short 21 months we had him with failing health in the last 6 months. He passed on December 18th with us surrounding him. That night as I walked up the stairs to bed, I was suddenly overcome with the smell of Buster as he said was passing through and saying goodbye to us!
Sad as we are, time has a way to heal our lost. Thank you for being a great companion!
Pam and Sam Torke

Name: Bedford Age: 16 Yrs Sex: M

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Lanet and I continually smile about Atlanta Weimaraner Rescue and the work you both (and Cheryl) do. We are lovers of a very special breed…as well as our dogs.
Thank you for considering Bedford in the Memorial Wall.

Lanet rescued Bedford…from a Pet Store! He was six months old when given to me as a Father’s Day present. For his 15 years and 6 months he remained my best friend and companion. Bedford was not unlike your Weimaraner:a mischievous and incorrigible counter surfer, he also loved the water. He was a special fellow….
There were three Weimaraners on board when we left the dock. Soon I counted only two. The chase with Bedford and The Dolphin lasted about 45 minutes as Lanet steered the boat and I tried to grasp his collar with a dock hook. Neither Bedford or The Dolphins wanted the game to end. The lesson here is for all to remember life-jackets!
When at Cedar Key, Bedford turned into a conversationalist! He proudly displays a Bud Light Can…soft mouth of a retriever. He would not give it up.

We all have wonderful tales of these marvelous animals. I smile deeply when I see one and “Weim Day at Baerland(!!)” was matched by holding the long-hair
puppy on Saturday…and trying to corral the “herd of 4″ and smiling as “Meg”…with three legs…helped with the fantastic chaos. It really takes a special personality to love a Weimaraner…to understand their many moods, actions, and, truly independent nature.
Bedford still visits me late at night sometimes. Sure, Ms. Carolina and Niklas are very special in their own way. Still, I miss “Moose”…which was our secret name he knew when I really needed him.

Run Free, Bedford, We love you,
Ed and Lanet Forrest

Name: Lilly Age: 14 Yr Sex: F

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Yesterday I said goodbye to my good girl, Lilly. For nine years she had a good life but lost her home when she objected to sharing her human with his new girlfriend. For over a year she lived in a kind but not really suitable foster home before joining me following the death of Otto in the fall of 2015.

Being my first girl, she took some getting used to, but she fit in well here. She got along fine with the boys despite making it clear that she considered herself the superior dog in the pack. As long as she was fed first, and got to sleep with me at night everything was fine.

Last week her eating slowed down some and then suddenly stopped this past Wednesday. An exam showed a large blockage in her intestines, most likely cancer. Given her weak condition and 14 plus years, there was no possibility of surgery. Since she was already in distress there was no point in putting off what had to be done. As always, I held her in my arms taking comfort in knowing that my voice was the last thing she heard before drifting off to sleep.

Lilly had a good life for the most part and although I know that she would have preferred to be the only dog, I like to think that her best years were with me. As is usually the case, my only regret is that she did not spend her entire life with me.

Lilly’s dad, Stan Malone…

Name: Izzy Age: N/A Sex: F

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Izzy’s Memorial

It’s through buckets of tears and an extremely heavy heart that I share this news, our super sweet Izzy has passed away. As a huge part of our family is gone and our household is once again forever changed. Oh… how we miss her so.
Terry and I took Isabel in April of 2016 as a permanent senior Foster. At that time, we just had Basil (who was our very first adopted Weimaraner) and thought it would be nice for him to have a buddy. Lynn Joseph brought Izzy by for a trial visit to see if the dogs would get along. Well it didn’t take long for us to let it be known we were keeping her. We fell and we Fell Hard! Loved her from day one! Izzy was the sweeties, well-mannered girl.
Izzy and Basil became very close, like an old married couple. As some may remember we lost our Handsome Boy Basil to DM that August. We felt so blessed that we had our Sweet Izzy already. We grieved together, the huge loss. And once again, so truly Blessed to have Lexi our 3-year-old we adopted last October. Now as you can imagine we are just starting the grieving process as our hearts break and our tears flow. Still so fresh and the loss will once again be felt forever. Izzy had so quickly become a member of our family. Her personality was adorable. She loved my husband Terry…. And he loved her. In December, He adopted Izzy. She was now truly family, ours.
Every night Miss Izzy would quickly make her way to the door waiting for Terry to walk in from work. She was always right there to greet him and lean her head into to him, as to hug him. Izzy was like that with most people, extremely friendly and super loving. She was like a Grandma to our Lexi. Many times, she would make sure see left just enough space for Lexi to squeeze onto her bed with her. When our house was full of family and friends, you would always find the children over by her and hugging her. And there she’d sit, with a big old smile on her face from ear to ear! She loved children! As I said, she was Family!
Oh, how we miss you so, our sweet Isabel. We know in our hearts you are up in Heaven and found our Handsome Boy Basil. Can just picture you two meeting up once again and being together. You will forever remain in our hearts. Miss, you our sweet girl!

 Love, you forever, your Mom and Dad Maloney.

Name: Keno Age: N/A Sex: M

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Our sweet Keno passed away last week. I’ve been so saddened by this loss that it’s taken some time to get to the point that I could sit down and put into words what he was to us. He came into our home almost 6 years ago. I was friends with AWCR on Facebook and noticed a post announcing a desperate need for fosters. We had a weim and loved the breed and decided to apply to foster a dog. Initially, we were sent information about a beautiful young, green eyed male who we were instantly excited about. We were sent videos and pictures of this spunky young thing and couldn’t wait to meet him. As we got close to setting up a meet and greet, we were notified that his current foster family had decided to keep him. We were very disappointed but came to terms with the fact that this wasn’t meant to be our dog. About two weeks later, I was contacted by Lianne Griffin, a longtime foster for AWCR. She told me about a current foster who was currently in her care. An older dog (7 to 10 yr. old) who was finishing up heart worm treatment. We were skeptical at first given his age and current health issues, but decided to meet him. That Friday after school, my family loaded up and headed to Lianne’s house. We were greeted by this calm, sweet boy who instantly became part of our family.
Keno had a heart of gold! He never asked for more than he gave. He adored our back yard. He was clearly a hunter. He was always hot on the trail of something: squirrels, armadillos, chipmunks, snakes. You name it, he hunted it. Baby birds were doomed every spring. He would tear through every shrub or bush to get to new hatchlings. We always joked that he and my husband were soulmates! Not only did they share a love for hunting, but they were both the most accident prone beings I’d ever come in contact with. My husband, who participated regularly in triathlon, has had his fair share of accidents. From being hit by a car to crashing his bike, he was always going under the knife to repair something. Likewise, sweet Keno was accident prone. He underwent heartworm treatment, surgery to repair bloat, and was stitched up numerous times. He was a busy boy! In fact, the only time he slowed down was at night in his favorite chair.
We have so many wonderful memories of our sweet old man, Keno! He accompanied us on several family vacations, enjoyed nightly walks, and demanded thousands of head and belly rubs over the years. We don’t know what his first 7 to 10 years were like, but we like to think his last 6 were the highlight of his life. We love you sweet boy and thank you for the unconditional love you gave our family!