Sunday, March 24th, 2019


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In memory of Sampson who passed over the Rainbow Bridge 11/29/07.

Thank you to Lacy and her family, and Amy and David for giving Sampson a chance at a wonderful, happy life. We will all miss you, sweet boy.

A tribute to Sampson from Lacy, Jesse and Family:

First of all we would like to thank all of those who helped in the transportation and care of Sampson…you could never be thanked enough. It is truly amazing to find people who care so much about dog’s. Sometimes you think that no one could understand the love we have for these animals. Frankly, sometimes I have a hard time believing I could love a “non-human” so much. I told my wife Lacy about two years ago, when she and her parents lost their Irish Wolfhound, Magic, that you can learn so much from these animals. I told her that I believe God intended these animals to be much more than predators . I said “In life there is death, we will all do it someday, and God gave us these wonderful animals to understand grief, and understand grace.” It’s very hard to understand how we could deal with such a loss as a loved one, a husband, a wife, a son, a daughter… a dog. We aren’t meant to understand it now, there is no need to understand it, but when it happens we’re given the grace to heal and trust that we will be fine, eventually. We are not given the grace to understand death before hand, but we are given the grace to deal with grief when our loved ones and loved pets die. This said, we grieve and remember the good things and the bad. Sampson loved pooping on our floor, I believe it was enjoyable to him, and we learned patience from this, he, in time, learned to do it outside, and we praised him like he had won an Oscar. But now I would give my left hand to have a nice warm clump of Sampson poop on the floor. He was a great dog, the sweetest eyes and every once in a while, if you looked fast before he realized you were looking, you could catch him smiling. I know he was a happy boy under our care as well as Amy’s. and I feel content knowing that the last four or so months of his life he was as happy as he had ever been. We loved him, and we know that others did as well, And couldn’t thank the rescue enough for giving us the chance to adopt such a wonderful guy. His last night I lied my head on his and told lacy, I think I really do love him, I was glad he heard me before he went to heaven. Thanks again for the chance to own such a wonderful dog, we learned a lot from him. We will stay in touch, and will definitely join the club and donate when we can. Sincerely, Jesse and Lacy Yates.


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