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Name: Slate Age: 7 Yrs Sex: M

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Slate is a stunningly handsome, approx. 7+ yr. old, neutered, Weimaraner mix with a natural tail. He was adopted two years ago from the Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue and now he is once again looking for a new home because his human baby is allergic to his dander. Slate is good with most other dogs (slowly introduced) and currently living with a female Viszla in a foster home. Slate lived with a male Boxer in his former home. Slate needs a fellow dog companion in his new home, is wary of human males that are not in the household, and sudden movements and loud noises scare him. While Slate is timid at first introductions, he quickly gets to know someone and is great. Slate’s current foster home is with a couple. While Slate did well with the human baby in his former home, we prefer his new home have no small children as lots of activity and loud kids makes him a little nervous. He is housebroken, walks well on a leash and is NOT food aggressive. Slate hates being crated and does best left free roaming (as long as there is another dog in the home). Slate is full of energy and spunk; he loves to cuddle and he is a typical Velcro dog. Slate would make a incredible watch dog, jogging buddy or lounge around best friend! His ideal home would be with someone that works from home and enjoys long walks. Slate has a re-homing fee of $75.00. If you are interested in adopting Slate, please submit an adoption application via our website.

Update from Slate’s foster mom:
Slate is a giant cuddle buddy who will jump at the chance to lay with you on the couch or bed. He gets so excited to go on walks, he wiggles around waiting for the collar. He walks very well with my dog, Lacie, and after a bit of getting in the flow, does not pull at all. He is very receptive to commands in the house and we are working to bring that outside (although he listens better to a male owner than me). He is a protector dog but has been great meeting all my friends and passing people on the trails (men and women). I can’t wait for Slate to meet his forever home, you can just tell all he wants is love for the rest of his life. I mean look at those big, beautiful, loving eyes!

Update: Slate had a great Christmas with his foster family. He met my parents dog over Christmas and he did fine. I did not have either dog on leash and I just let him run into the house where the other dog was. I just feel bad for him because sometimes he really wants to play with another dog but Lacie doesn’t do that.

The AWCR uses a common process in its rescue program. Read about our Adoption Process procedures.

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