Sunday, February 24th, 2019


If you have a desire to keep your weim, but are having problems please  email us, so we can discuss your particular situation.

If life has found you in a place where you need help finding a NEW home for your Weimaraner, AWCR can help. We understand it is not easy to admit you can no longer take care of your special friend. Weimaraners require lots of time and energy from you. They aren’t small dogs and do take a financial investment as well. They need a place where they can have room to romp and be a Weim. Sometimes due to circumstances out of your control, your situation changes to where you can no longer provide for your precious gray ghost. AWCR has a service that can help you find a NEW caring loving home for your gray friend; Courtesy Listing. The number of dogs we currently have when you contact us will determine if we are able to accept your dog. If we are full, you may be asked to foster your dog until we have room or until we locate the RIGHT home for your dog. During this period, we will list your Weimie on this web site under Courtesy Listings for all our visitors to see. We will let you be the contact person and make the decision on who adopts your four legged friend. If you need help with what to look for in an adopting family or a home life we have some information that we can send you. AWCR urges you to PLEASE use this service instead of taking your gray friend to a shelter. This service is available for YOU so that we can all do what is best for your Weimaraner’s sake.

Please click on the link below to fill out the Courtesy Listing Form:

After filling out the form, please submit your completed application online.