Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Tess Age: NA Sex: F

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From the moment we laid eyes on your beautiful face, we vowed to take care of you, and to get you the very best care available. We were so glad we were contacted by a young lady who saw your dire condition and helped us get you to safety. You didn’t even have a name, so we named you “Tess.” You arrived at our wonderful vet, Dr. Kerry Hogan, at Calhoun Pet Care, where we hoped to find out why your belly was so distended. We had such high hopes for you and wanted to give you a chance to know true love and to have a family to call your own. We had the most wonderful foster home ready and waiting with open arms.  We wanted to end your pain and give you happiness, we wanted to make up for the family that moved away and left you behind like a piece of trash, and to make up for the family that was supposed to care for you but left you to fend for yourself in the elements and to be attacked by their dogs. When we picked you up and took you to the
Georgia Veterinary Specialist – Blue Pearl, we were fortunate enough to spend several hours with you and you responded to the kindness with kisses and a wagging tail. We kissed you and we told you we would be back tomorrow. We left it up to the doctors to do whatever was necessary to find out what was wrong; we were determined to give you a good life, but that was not to be because the doctors said that you had liver cancer, and there was nothing more that we could do for you.  We returned to the vet to hold you and tell you that you were loved and asked you for forgiveness for the horrible way you were neglected, for what you had to endure for so long, all by yourself.

Dear, sweet, Tess….know that you were loved, know that you did matter.
Run free, sweet girl. See you on the other side.


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