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Words of the Weim 7/2/2010

Hello Friends!  I have to tell ya, I’ve been planning to send out a new newsletter since March, but something always comes up and I continued to put it off.  Here we are in JULY (!) and I still haven’t been able to sit down long enough to put one together.  So…  I thought that I’d try something new! A BLOG!  Heck, why not?  We’re already on Facebook and Twitter, however, not all of our members subscribe to those sites (but if you click on the links above, you can find out how to join us!).  So we’re constantly asking how to keep folks informed without sending out multiple emails that either become a nuisance or end up in “junk mail” folders…. isn’t this the next “natural” step in our entry into what the experts call “social media”?

What can you expect from “Words of the Weim”?  Well, first, I’m going to try to do a weekly blog giving an update of what’s happening, reminder, and a little about the dogs that we’re bringing into AWCR.  I also hope to have a few guest bloggers that will share information about the various teams and functions within Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue, general rescue topics, and even a word from our vets about taking care of these beautiful gray dogs!

So, let’s jump in and I’ll tell ya a bit about what’s been happening this week… (btw, it’s not always gonna be this long!)

Holiday weeks are always tough for folks involved in animal rescue efforts.  Most places that we board are not able to keep rescue dogs over the holiday and our vets are full, as well, with their regular customers.  So, in addition to working with the weims that are coming from the shelters, we are usually searching for temporary foster homes for the weimies we have in boarding.  We’ve been lucky this holiday weekend, as we only had 2 weimies in boarding – Enzo and Edison.  Enzo is a 9 year old weim that was surrendered to us from his family who were unable to care for him moving forward.  He’s been staying at Camp Bow Wow Duluth with Jeff Hahn, owner of Camp Bow Wow Duluth, a fellow weim owner and AWCR Member, and his fine staff who always take good care of our gray dogs!  Jeff, one of our “Rescue Heros” will be bringing him home each evening over the holiday weekend!  Edison is a 5-6 year old weim that several folks met at the Animal Rescue Fair (ARF) at Wills Park in Alpharetta.  He’s a big, goofy guy that has been boarding with our friends at Pet’s Playhouse on Ponce in Decatur.  Thanks to Erin & Jared Lace, he’s got a place to rest his head this weekend!

…and speaking of Erin & Jared – We’d like to welcome them back as summer fosters!  Erin & Jared are teachers and volunteer with us to foster in the summer while they are out of school! They started their “foster summer” last week with Max, one of our Weimador pups that was waiting for his foster home!  Thanks for all you help… and it’s only JULY!

Welcome ELLIOTT!  Thanks to AWCR Members, Cheryl & Ron Baer, and the fine folks at Putnam County Animal Control, gorgeous boy, Elliott arrived safely in Atlanta today!  He’s about 3 years old, a bit skinny, but Cheryl says  he’s a very sweet and very smart boy!  He does a sharp sit, down and stay!  Hard to believe that he spent a week at the shelter and no one came to get him!  He is heartworm positive and needs to be neutered, so he’ll spend a few days at the vet… check the website for updates!

The Nastasi family checked in tonight to tell us that MAXIMUS is settling in nicely with their family!  He loves being the center of attention – he’s a weim!  He’ll be starting heartworm treatment soon, so check back for updates on how he’s doing!

We’ve got lots more happening that I’m excited to tell you about…. so check back on Facebook or this site for updates!

Also, tell us what you think about our blog!

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3 Responses to “Words of the Weim 7/2/2010”
  1. Ted Shoop says:

    Lynn – I thought when Edison left our foster home, he was headed to his forever home. From the blog, it sounds as though he is back in the foster pool. If so, this is very disappointing news – Ted

  2. Terry Wallace says:

    I look at your website everyday to see whats new and what “Grey” dog is now in a better place. Thanks for all you do I really appreciate the blog.

  3. Lynn Joseph says:

    Thanks Terry! We hope that this will be a great way of keeping folks in the loop! As our organization grows, it gets harder to reach everyone! So we’re hoping that by streamlining our communication through our blog and Facebook – and the website, of course! – we’ll be able to actively engage our members and our readers! Stay tuned! Next edition coming this Friday… it’s been a busy week so far… and it’s only Tuesday, so I’ll have lots to tell!


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