Sunday, March 24th, 2019


Name: Zeus Age: N/A Sex: M

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The God of Gods
…..or so it’s written, but we considered our Zeus to be the God of Love and Devotion. Zeus came to Bruce and I as a foster while waiting on treatment for the ungodly disease of heartworms. And even though he was tough, strong and larger than life and love itself, this horrible disease left him with right sided heart failure and to our devastation took him from us on October 8, 2015.

For four fun years Zeus provided us with laughs, challenges, and more fun than 2 people and a dog should have together. His bark was a loud deep warning to anyone that happened to knock at our door and boy don’t let a UPS truck go by the house because Zeus scared the heck out of them and they refused to ever stop, that’s the truck itself, not the delivery guy driving it, he loved them or anyone that would give him a pet on the head.
Some of the best belly laughs we got from Zeus was when he saw a bug….that crazy dog would get so upset that a bug was in the house that he’d start barking and grabbing his favorite stuffed hedgehog toy and running around, but at the same time he knew how much fun we were having laughing at him that you could just see the smile in his eyes as he carried on.

It is because of all this happiness that he gave to us that we never want to be without him, so we will take Zeus with us as we move to the mountains in a special urn with his picture upon it. After all…All good dogs go to heaven and how much closer can we get to him than the mountains. God we will miss this wonderful dog.
Melissa and Bruce Watson


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